LAP12 is an exclusive and completely renovated apartment house. Levels one to five each give room to two apartments. On the top floor, the spacious attic flat has a spectacular view over city. The ground floor hosts one of Frankfurt’s best rated wine bars. The backyard of the building offers four parking spaces for tenants of the house.

The facade of the building has been newly insulated and the rooftop was completely rebuilt in 2014/2015. The house is equipped with high-quality full length aluminium windows that provide each apartment with an abundancy of light. The house has an elevator, satellite TV, flat screens and wireless internet in all apartments. The apartments fulfil the most modern technical standards.

Philosophy: Comfort and Convenience

LAP12 is both comfortable and convenient. You walk in and instantly feel at home. The apartments are well-designed, modern, filled with light and cosily furnished. At the same time, they are so convenient: No need to run and sign up for cable TV, wireless internet or utilities. It is all there. The apartments have all necessary amenities and technical services: a washing machine in each apartment, heating and electricity included, a working high performance wireless network and satellite TV with all major European TV stations. And to make life even easier for foreign citizens: Everything is explained in English.


LAP12 sits right in Frankfurt’s hip East End, in sight and only a short walking distance from the new headquarters of the European Central Bank.

The building sits right next to a small plaza which is the heart of the regional shopping center and offers everything you need for daily life: groceries, a supermarket, a drug store and a bank. The surrounding buildings host residential apartments and a four star design hotel.


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